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World Festival Programs "The Best of Me
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   World Festival Programs
the Best of Me 


Event time and duration 3 days in November 2021

Location Muscat Oman

Guests Officials of the National Olympic Committee from at least 65 countries, athletes, champions, coaches and judges, officials and officials of the International Organization for Health and Sports, businessmen and international capital

Tournament level (WORLD) Global (with the presence of 5 continents)

Awards Medals, Statue, Acknowledgments and Belts

Media cover television, radio, web and press networks

Advertisements interviews, boards, posters, fighters' uniforms, referees, teams, tatami mats, and the atmosphere of competitions, conferences, etc.

Executive Program Simultaneous holding tournaments and seminars and commercial meetings, circulation in Oman, visiting investment capacities in Oman, the purchase tour in Oman

Festival conditions Transfer, hotel and reception are free for all officials, fighters, trainers, businessmen, etc. 

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